Investment Management: Success Rate of Filipino Investors in the Stock market

Today was day 1 of my Investment Management class and our professor shared something very interesting.  He gave us the percentages of the success rate of investments made by Filipinos (in the stock market).  I don't know where he got his data or how accurate it is but trust me when I say he's not the type to make things up.  He gave us the following figures:
  • 90% of the investors lose money
  • 7%  of the investors break even
  • 3% of the investors gain / make a profit
It was shocking to hear that 90% of the investors actually lose money!  And only 3% actually gain from it!  With these figures, one might say that investing in the stock market is not that much different from gambling.  I wonder what possible reasons there are that brought this about.  I hope to be able to figure these out and eventually be able to share these reasons with you.

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