Personal Finance Seminar!

DURING TURBULENT TIMES, IT IS important to keep focused on financial goals, smart spending and budgeting, getting out of debt and staying positive. This will be the main message in Citibank Philippines and’s seminar on personal finance on Aug. 2, 2008 at the AIM Conference Center in Makati City.

The seminar is being held to celebrate personal finance blog MoneySmart’s first year anniversary and the 100th article of “Take Charge of Your Money,” Citibank’s content partnership agreement with the online publication.
Both spots in hope to help more Filipinos get closer to financial independence. Citibank country director Mark Jones said the bank’s commitment to financial education is a natural extension of the work that it does.

“It allows us to address audiences that are not necessarily our clients. Around the world, Citibank actively supports a wide range of financial education programs -- from showing microentrepreneurs how to better manage their business to teaching kids the value of saving early to promoting the responsible use of credit,” he said.

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