Mutual Funds Philippines

Here are the performance rankings of Mutual Funds in the Philippines based on their rate of return up to the end of the second quarter (June) of this year, 2008.

Year-to-date performances of Mutual Funds as of June 2008.

Balanced Funds:

1. First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund Inc. 1.29%
2. First Galleon Family Fund 0.28%
3. Optima Balanced Fund -16.9%
4. MFCP Kabuhayan Fund -17.09%
5. Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund -18.96%

Bond Funds:

1. Cocolife Fixed Income Fund 1.94%
2. ALFM Peso Bond Fund 1.24%
3. Philam Managed Income Fund 0.77%
4. Ekklesia Mutual Fund 0.49%
5. First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund -0.42%

Foreign Currency Denominated Bond Funds:

1. AIG Global Bond Fund Phils. 2.16%
2. ALFM Dollar Bond Fund 1.48%
3. Philequity Dollar Income Fund 0.38%
4. ALFM Euro Bond Fund 0.36%
5. Grepalife Fixed Income Fund Corp. -0.10%

Performances of Mutual Funds have been extremely low this year with most funds having negative returns! This is really disturbing but don't be quick to sell them right away. In fact, it may be a good time to buy because the rates are low. When investing in mutual funds be prepared to invest long term.

Get the full performance reports here.

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