Get Rid of Crazy Religious Beliefs (Bo Sanchez' 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich)

Secret No. 3 of Bo Sanchez' 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich talks about getting rid of religious beliefs that may be hindering you from accepting money and becoming financially free.  More than you know it, your religious beliefs actually contributes in determining your wealth.

Let me quote Bo, "Religious beliefs are so deep, so wedged to your core identity, you follow them even if you're not aware that you're following them."

Point #1: Have you romanticized Poverty?

Religion can romanticize poverty.  We can be led to think that to be poor is better than to be rich because God favors the poor.  We can believe that poor people go to heaven and that rich people go to hell.  We must not think this way.  Instead Bo suggests that it is indeed true that God loves the poor and favors them but that is because he wants to accompany them in their difficult journey so that they can RISE FROM POVERTY.  God doesn't want you to remain poor!

Point #2: Do you believe that the Rich won't enter Heaven?

God did not say that it's impossible for the rich to enter heaven.  God also needs the godly people who will run businesses, give jobs, and bless the world with great services and great products.

Point #3: Do you practice the "I hate myself" Spirituality?

Some people remain poor because they believe they're being punished, that it's the will of God.  When God sees us in poverty, He weeps.  He doesn't want to see us suffer.

Point #4: Have you relied on God too much?

Bo Sanchez believes that "one of the biggest reasons why we don't receive God's blessings is because we rely on Him too much.  We surrender to Him what He doesn't want us to surrender: our stewardship."  Don't expect God to do the very things He expects YOU to do.

Point #5: Do you disguise your laziness as faith?

Most of us wants God to hand us everything on a silver platter, to the extent that we do not exert enough effort to get what we want anymore.  Don't confuse faith with your laziness.  Faith requires action.  God usually uses the sweat, the effort, the tears and the struggle you go through to form your character and give you what you need.

Point #6: Are you obsessed with the Purely Miraculous?

Sometimes we get too obsessed with receiving miracles in our lives.  We tend buy lottery tickets and ask God to let us win.  Although God sometimes grant these wishes, it would be too much to ask of this everyday and simply do nothing in exchange.

Point #7: If your favorite phrase "Bahala Na" ("I Live it up to You.)?

Religion can cause us to rely on fate too much, leaving everything to God.  We must learn to do our parts as well in order to allow God to do his miracles in our lives.  God designed us to work and trust - not simply to trust.


The first 3 Secrets deal with changing our mindsets when it comes to money, wealth, and being rich.  The secret will focus on how you can achieve your goals by being committed to your dreams.  In order not to miss this article, click this link to allow us to send the article to your email and subscribe in our feeds for FREE.  Stay tuned for the 5 remaining secrets of the truly rich.

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