Be Completely Committed to Your Dreams (Bo Sanchez's 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich)

Secret No. 4 : Be Completely Committed to Your Dreams

Bo Sanchez starts off this chapter by defining three levels of desire: Wish, Want, and Commitment. When we WISH we just hope for something to happen but actually do nothing to fulfill that wish. Usually, nothing happens at this level. When we WANT something, we put in a little action to fulfill that want. Unfortunately though, the passion doesn't last that long and we abandon the goal after a while. The third level is COMMITMENT. When we are committed we start to believe what we say and we work towards achieving that dream for the long run. If we want to be rich, we have to be COMMITTED.

Bo also defines three types of living: Moviegoer, Actor, and Actor-Scriptwriter. Moviegoers watch the movies of their lives, admiring some parts and criticizing other parts but aside from that, they don't do anything else. Actors are those that don't only watch the movie of their lives but also realize that they can control a big part of their lives. They enjoy some level of control but they realize that they have no say in such things as deciding the ending of the movie. Actor-Scriptwriters are those that don't only watch, don't only act, but actually create the entire movie from their minds. They determine what they will say and how the movie will end.

You have the power to create the life you want. Be the scriptwriter of your life.

In committing to your goals and dreams it is important to do the following:
  1. Write down your Dreams!
  2. Read your Dreams Everyday!
  3. Apply the Power of Focus.
  4. Apply the Power of Attraction.
By writing your dreams you open yourself to life's river of abundance. Be as detailed as you can get. And when you read what you wrote down daily, you multiply the power of that river tenfold. If you'll do this everyday, you'll be surprised at how money-making opportunities will open up before you. Actually, they're already there, waiting for you to discover them. The universe adjusts to your expectations. So instead of you searching for money, let money search for you. Attract money and become and money magnet.

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