10 Most Common Money Mistakes

10 most common money mistakes
according to Ma. Salve Duplito of Inquirer.net

Money Mistake no. 1: Living beyond your means.
Money Mistake no. 2: Not saving enough.
Money Mistake no. 3: Being Materialistic.
Money Mistake no. 4: Giving in to greed.
Money Mistake no. 5: Not Knowing what you want.
Money Mistake no. 6: Failing to pay off debt.
Money Mistake no. 7: Getting killed by advertisements.
Money Mistake no. 8: Not having a plan.
Money Mistake no. 9: Not having financial education.
Money Mistake no. 10: Procrastinating.


Among the money mistakes stated above, I personally am guilty of mistake no. 8.  I am finding it hard to come up with a financial plan for the long-term.  I just find it so hard to plan for a future that is still full of uncertainties.  Especially now that people are more likely to live in the moment and think less of the future.  However, I do believe that this is a grave mistake.  If you are having the same problems as I am, I suggest we start by coming up with plans even just for the short-term.  This could either be quarterly or semi-annually.  Even though only for the short term, having a plan beats having none at all. 

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