News: The real PLDT play for Meralco

The real PLDT play for Meralco

When PLDT bought Meralco shares, financial analysts and investors weren't in favor of the move. As a result, PLDT's stock price dropped from around Php 2,300 to around Php 1,900 per share in less than a week! In his article, "The real PLDT play for Meralco", Federico Gonzales offered a different view on why Manny Pangilinan did what he did. It's a very interesting read. Check out the article here.

Mr. Gonzales might be right. As it turned out, PLDT (TEL) shares rebounded as fast at it fell. A great opportunity for stock investors. If one was able to buy when the stock price was at its lowest, each share of the company's stocks would have earned for the investor Php 300 in less than a week! That's a return of around 15% in less than a week.

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