Have a Bias For Action

I am a Money Magnet! We are Money Magnets!

This is my favorite secret among Bo Sanchez's 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich.  In this chapter he encourages us to make things happen!  Simply said, it means not to be like the starfish on the picture! (^o^)/  Continue reading this article to know more.

Bo shared that while we are taught to aim before we fire, he on the other hand used "Ready ... Fire! Aim ...(And fire again ... Aim ...)" on his projects.  Bo, of course, doesn't encourage recklessness.  That is why the first step is "Ready."  He just wants to discourage what most of us are likely to end up doing - that is to keep on aiming but never fire.  I personally find this difficult because I am a perfectionist.  I am not easily driven into action especially on matters where I am not well acquainted in - this includes starting a business.  As one of the Truly Rich Principles, Bo wrote "For pioneers, perfectionism is never a good strategy."  We must allow ourselves to fail.  And when we do, we must then learn to forgive ourselves and bring ourselves to act again.    

That is why I like this chapter a lot.  I wish someday I can forgo my inhibitions, take more risk, and start a business - something that's big and has the potential to last for years.

Lastly, in whatever we do, we must learn how to hustle! To hustle means "to believe that there's a solution to almost any problem - and to take it upon yourself to find it!" -Bo Sanchez-

It's like not forgetting to remind yourself everyday that "I am a Money Magnet."  We are money magnets. (^o^)/

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