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I just realized that I haven't completed this series and it has taken months for me to write this last article.  So finally here it is.  The last chapter to Bo Sanchez's 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich!  

In this last chapter, Bo encourages everyone to have a balanced life.  Believing in the power of our beliefs to define our reality, he admonishes that everyone must need to win in the 7 major areas of life.  He mentioned that everyone needs to ...

1. Strengthen Relationships
2. Grow in Emotional Maturity
3. Use Our Core Gifts
4. Get Physically Healthy
5. Gain Wisdom
6. Build Money
7. Nourish Our Spiritual Life

In the succeeding sections Bo went on to describe a few things he has learned in his own life that when applied in our own lives will help us achieve success in all major areas.  For one he says that we must follow our inner compass and do everything with passion.  It would also help if we learn to define success our own way and not define it through how others see success.   He preaches that we must give our best in everything that we do.  We must learn to compete with ourselves and stop comparing our achievements with others.  And most importantly,  that our harvest will depend on how much we give - "The more, I give, the more I receive." 

Every time I open this book I learn something new.  This is one of the reasons why I've decided to write about it in small portions.  Although I've finished reading the book a long time ago, reading it again while writing these entries helped me internalize the message more.  I hope you guys have learned a few things from my posts as well.  Win in all areas Money Magnets!

I found this wonderful site where someone writes meaningful messages in post-its and leaves them in public places for people to see.  The messages are things that we ought to know already but may have momentarily forgotten, hence the title of the site "Things We Forget."  I thought you might like it is as well so I'm sharing it here with you guys.  It's a little something for the weekend.  The picture above is from that site.  (^o^)/  Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy!

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  1. Joel Gray said,

    Being a money magnet means having a positive outlook in life and knowing how to manages ones personal finances. If you start right, everything else follows.

    on November 20, 2010 at 7:49 PM