Forex Trading Basics with Mario Singh

A lot of people would refer to trading in the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Market as committing financial suicide.  The market moves so fast that you could lose millions in an instant.  However, educating yourself with the right information and understanding how the market works will help you avoid this.  This is according to Mario Singh, a forex trader from Singapore, probably Asia's most well-known Forex trader.  If you want to learn the basics of Forex trading, below are 5 videos about the Basics of Forex Trading.   

A lot of the principles taught in the videos can also be applied for stock trading.  We've highlighted a few points that we think would be helpful to all Money Magnets out there.

I am a Money Magnet! We are Money Magnets!

  • You need Knowledge, Action, and DESIRE to succeed.  While knowledge and action can be provided by someone else, like your mentor, DESIRE must come from you.  Your success will greatly depend on your hunger and desire to achieve and be successful.
  • 5 Factors that affect the Forex Market: Economy, Government Policies (Fiscal/Monetary Policy), Natural Factors, International Trade, and Political Factors.
  • You need a MAP to find your way in your road to Millions. M - Mentor, A- Attitude (good attitude), and P - Platform.
  • The videos were taken and shared  We thank Mr. John Calub for sharing these.
  • The most helpful videos are parts 2, 1st half of part 3, part 4, and part 5.

On a side note, we'd like to point out that one thing these trainers don't mention is how profitable the training business is.  While some may be truly driven to share their knowledge and to help other people, you cannot deny the fact that the self-development and training industry is a very lucrative business.  So if you're good at speaking and if you have expertise you think others would be interested in, you can actually do what they do and earn from it as well.  

Learn to decipher what's real and what's hype.  After all, these people are running a business. 

If anyone of you attended the June 16 Forex trading seminar at the SMX Convention, we'd like to hear your thoughts on how the seminar went.  Thank you.


If you'd like to learn more about Forex trading, we found Mr. Mario Singh's site called FX1 Academy, dubbed as the world's leading Forex academy.  Sign up for free to the newletter and receive his 7 Day Forex Training Course.  We're excited to do just that and share anything we learn in the days to come. 

Happy investing Money Magnets!

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