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The team behind came up with a new site to help Filipino investors learn which stocks to invest in in the Philippine Stock Exchange.  This new site is called Pinoy Investor.

Here's what the site is all about

"Investing in the stock market is not easy. That’s why we created PinoyInvestor for you, stock
market investor. Why? Because you may not have time to thoroughly research and analyze
stocks yourself. More importantly, because you need more than just one source of stock picks!

Think about it: Wouldn’t it be more profitable (and a lot less risky!) to know which stocks are
recommended – not just by one, but by several brokerage firms? Truth be told, the consensus
recommendation of several expert brokers is more likely to be the right decision to make!

PinoyInvestor reveals to you every week the stock picks,
target prices, and Buy / Hold / Sell recommendations
from not just one, but several of the best brokerage firms
in the country! Altogether, our partner brokers have over
100 years of experience investing in the stock market!"

--> Their partner brokerage firms are AngPin Online, Wealth Sec, AB Capital Securities,, and First Metro Sec.

While you need to subscribe to Premium Access to get the full reports containing the stock tips every week, there are still tons of valuable stuff that can improve your stock investing knowledge that you can get for free.  Simply sign up with the site to get the free reports.

Last week, they've finished their 5-part report on Technical Analysis.  If you want to learn about Technical Analysis, better sign up and read the free reports right away.

Technical Analysis
Part 1: Introduction (What is Technical Analysis?)
Part 2: Trends
Part 3: Charts and Chart Patterns
Part 4: Moving Averages
Part 5: Indicators and Oscillators

If you're interested in these Free reports, simply sign up with the site.  Here's the link to the site:
FREE Technical Analysis Resources at

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Happy Investing everyone!
Keep on attracting wealth.

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