Mutual Fund Performance 2014 (1st Quarter)

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Performance report for all Mutual Funds in the Philippines for the 1st Quarter of 2014 are now available from the (Philippine Investement Funds Association) PIFA site.

Leading the charge this first quarter are the Equity or Stock Funds and Balanced Funds.

4 Equity-based / Stock Funds were able to produce returns above 9%.
  1. First Metro Phil Equity Exchange Traded Fund (9.85%)   
  2. Philippine Stock Index Fund (9.83%)
  3. PhilEquity Fund Inc. (9.26%)
  4. ALFM Growth Fund Inc. (9.52%)

A good start for the first ETF available in the country!


To see the complete list go to this (PIFA) site. (Set date to 4/1/2014 and look at the YTD column)

3 among the Balanced Funds were able to produce returns around 7%

  1. PAMI Horizon Fund Inc (7.68%)
  2. NCM Mutual Fund of the Phils. Inc. (6.99%)
  3. Philam Fund Inc. (6.91%)
Bond Funds, on the other hand, produced negative returns for the 1st quarter.  If you are wondering how this can happen, the simple explanation is that when interest rates tend to rise, bond prices (yields) decrease.  If you want to know more, you can email us directly at MoneyMagnets.Phil [at]

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