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3 Phases of Investing
by Mr. Edward Lee of CitiSecurities and COL Financial

1. Does It Work?

Stocks, over time, outperforms all other asset class!

Does Investing in the Stock Market Work? YES!  

The reason behind why companies continue to grow is because GDP continues to grow, driven by consumption and the growing population.

2. How Does It Work?


In the long term, there is 100% between a stock's price and the success of its operations.  EARNINGS drive a stock's price to go UP.  As long as a company continues to grow its stock price will go up in due time.

3. Why Can't I Make It Work?

 The answer is simple.  It's because of emotions and human psychology.

The stock market is very volatile.  Every year, you should expect the stock market to go down by 10-20%.  When it goes down,  our natural instinct is to pull our investments out.  If you can overcome your fear then you can make your money work for you in stocks.

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