Secrets of Millionaire Moms

I am a Money Magnet! We are Money Magnets!

Personal finance is taking a new turn and a lot of seminars are targeted for women.  This is certainly a great development as in most households, it's the moms who handle the finances.

"Secrets of Millionaire Moms" is sponsored by Learning Curve.  It is scheduled on June 20, 2009 to be held at RCBC Plaza, Makati City.  Regular rate is at P3,000, Pre-Registration rate (June 13-18) is set at P2,500, while early bird rate is set at P2,000 (before June 12).  If you are interested in this seminar, register here.  You may also call Learning Curve at (02) 996-4610 for more information.

Here are 5 reasons why you should attend:
  1. Learn from 7 millionaire moms from different fields who have achieved success in their careers, financial health, and personal relationships.
  2. Share your success stories, insights, and lessons with other moms. 
  3. Network with fellow working mothers and discover new professional colleagues and personal friends.
  4. Enjoy numerous freebies and get the chance to win fabulous raffle prizes.
  5. Start your journey to become a millionaire mom!
Here are some of the things you will learn:
  • Build a highly successful business doing what you love
  • Grow big in your chosen field
  • Discover your strengths and maximize your talents
  • Switch careers and pursue your passions
  • Build a business against all odds
  • Rise to the top of the corporate world
  • Discover the keys to financial prosperity
  • Transform a small family business into a professionally-run company
  • Turn your local company into a global brand
  • Work harmoniously  with your husband
  • Deal with the challenges of raising kids while working
  • Harness the power of faith to be victorious
  • Manage thousands of employees
  • Compete and win in male-dominated industries
  • Overcome obstacles and personal tragedies
  • Market yourself and your company
  • Bust the myths of the "perfect woman"
  • Be the best that you can be
  • And a whole lot more!

Meet our Millionaire Moms:
  1. Chiqui Escareal-Go, president of leading sales and marketing training company Mansmith & Fielders and vice-chairperson of Waters Philippines, the market leader in water purifiers.
    After 10 years of being a stay-at-home mom raising four kids, she slowly joined her husband, TOYM awardee and marketing guru Josiah Go, in their water purifer business. Later, she took the helm of Mansmith & Fielders where she manages their pool of experts and serves as a resource speaker herself. Chiqui will talk largely about rediscovering and reinventing yourself through different life stages and what it is like working in a husband-and-wife team.  
  2. Laura Verallo de Bertotto, CEO and creative director of global skin care company VMV Hypoallergenics.
    Laura grew up very independent in an unconventional family raised by an accomplished mother. With her sister born 11 years after, she had a different concept of family. For years, she didn't conform to the ideal of the Filipino family and hated the thought of being a mom. She also struggled turning their family business VMV Hypoallergenics into a professionally-run company with global ambitions. Now married with a two-year-old daughter, her perspective about being a mom has changed positively. Her talk is mainly about how she has used her being different and unconventional into creative and innovative use at their company and how she has learned to find harmony in her various roles.
  3. Florisa Mariano, president of F Salon & Body Spa, the country’s largest salon and spa chain
    Just when they were starting their business, Florisa found her husband dead beside her in bed. That tragedy didn't stop her from making the most of life. Leaning on her faith and business savvy, she expanded her company in the biggest salon and spa chain in the Philippines in a few short years. She will talk about how she overcome her obstacles and how you can too.
  4. Heny Sison, celebrity chef and founder of the Heny Sison Culinary School, one of the pioneers in the Philippine culinary industry
    One of the most well known and celebrated pastry chefs, it is surprising to know she started as an economic analyst and researcher. Realizing that wasn't want she wanted, Heny shifted to baking, starting with selling to officemates and then putting up a small bakeshop. Her cakes became very popular, leading her to pursue the other thing that she's passionate about -- teaching. So she combined her love for cooking and teaching with the Heny Sison Culinary School, helping many career-shifters like herself go for what they really want.
  5. Flor Tarriela, chairperson of Philippine National Bank, one of the largest banks in the country
    Raised in a simple environment where thrift was considered an important value, Flor used that money savvy into a thriving career in the financial industry, serving as one of top women executives at Citibank and later as undersecretary at the Department of Finance. Today, she chairs PNB, a rare occurence in mostly male-dominated corporate boards. She spends her time also tending to gardening, one of her passions, and in spreading financial literacy.
  6. Angeli Pangilinan-Valenciano, President of Manila Genesis Management & Entertainment, which manages some of the hottest celebrities in the Philippines
    As famous as her husband, superstar Gary V, it wasn't always as rosy. She gave up her own singing career to manage that of Gary. Not only was that already more than a handful, complicating things was the fact that Gary suffers from diabetes. The showbiz world can also be nasty, and managing actors, singers, and athletes is not exactly a walk in the park. Raising three talented children with different personalities was also a challenge, but she has become a great role model to her kids. Nevertheless, she has learned how her faith has strengthened her resolve and how focusing on one's strengths will really bring out the best in you.
  7. Myrna Yao, CEO of Richwell Trading Corporation, one of the country’s biggest tire and toy distributors, and chairperson of the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women chairperson
    Born in Bicol in a traditional Chinese family, the second daughter was not exactly the favorite one. Sent to Manila with her sister to study, she was basically left to fend for herself. But that didn't stop her from moving forward. At 21, she became the first female copra trader. A few years later, Myrna became a distributor of Goodyear, the only woman distributor and one of the largest. Her company, Richwell Trading Corp., ventured into toys, bringing into the country Barbie dolls (which they later manufactured also). Overcoming the initial setbacks, she used smart marketing strategies to make the imported toys (which soon included Mattel, Hot Wheels, Mega Bloks, Vtech, Disney, Pokemon, etc. and baby brands Chicco, Safety1st, and Pigeon) widely acceptable and popular. Now, Myrna takes half her time doing advocacy work, primarily as chairperson of the National Commission on the Role of Filipino women, all the while raising her children well. 
  8. Marife Zamora, country general manager of Convergys, one of the biggest call centers worldwide
    Technology companies are dominated by men, so it's amazing to see Marife hold executive positions at a string of global firms like IBM and Headstrong, before taking the helm of Convergys, where she oversees 12 centers and 16,000 employees. Under her watch, Convergys has been recognized as Outstanding Employer of the Year and Exporter of the Year. Marife has also been active in various corporate social responsibility programs.

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