UITF Performance as of October 2010 (3rd Quarter)

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Do you hold Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITF) in your portfolio? Then you would be interested how your choices compare with other UITFs in the market.  Personally, I have been investing more in Mutual Funds but I do have UITFs in my portfolio as well.  I'll tell you all about them after the jump.  Here are the year-to-date returns of the different UITFs as of October 2010.

PinoyMoneyTalk has summarized everything for us so I won't be repeating the data here again.  Instead, I would just highlight the top performers for each category and add a few of my comments as well.  I love PinoyMoneyTalk, it's a very informative site.  You should subscribe to it as well.  ^^  Click on this link to read the post from PinoyMoneyTalk.

Here are the highlights! 

(Primarily invested in Peso securities)

1. Unionbank Large Cap Equity Philippine Equity - 78.91%
2. UCPB United Equity Fund - 60.99%
3. ING Philippine High Conviction Equity Fund - 60.30%

Note: Included in PinoyMoneyTalk's list are the BPI Global Equity Fund and the ING Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Fund.  These funds are not Peso funds but actually are US Dollar funds.  That's why they have lower returns compared to Peso Equity Funds (International markets have not been performing as good as the Philippine Stock Market).  If you are looking to diversify into Global Equity markets but you don't know how to invest in those markets directly, these 2 funds would be a good way to get exposure in those markets.  

Updated year-to-date returns for these 2 funds are as follows: 

ING Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Fund - 11.32% (as of Oct. 7, 2010)
BPI Global Equity Fund  - 5.55% (as of Oct. 8, 2010)

If you noticed, they have considerably increased compared to the returns published at PinoyMoneyTalk.  This is because for the past couple of weeks, the US market and Asian markets have been performing well.  Being Equity-based funds, these tend to be very volatile.

(Invested in both debt and equity securities)

1. BDO Peso Balanced Fund - 35.79%
2. UCPB United Balanced Fund - 33.15%
3. BPI Balanced Fund - 28.96%


A. Long term funds (More than 5 years)
1. UBP Long Term Current Income Portfolio - 8.80% 
2. RCBC Rizal Peso Bond Fund - 6.50%
3. Landbank GS-FI Fund - 4.22%

B. Medium term funds (up to 5 years)
1. ING Peso Bond Fund - 9.81%
2. UBP Philippine Peso Bond Portfolio - 9.53%
3. BDO Fixed Income Fund - 8.51%

C. Intermediate term funds (up to 3 years)
1. UBP Current Income Portfolio (T-Bills 91) - 8.84%
2. UBP Infinity Prime Fund - 7.40%
3. BDO Peso Bond Fund - 6.80%

There you go.  How did your funds do?  

In these times when the dollar is skyrocketing down against the Peso, it might be better to hold on to them and wait for the rate to go up before exchanging.  We don't have the comparative year-to-date returns for the different Dollar-based funds but we can give you two of our personal choices - the ALFM Dollar Bond Fund and the ING Philippine Dollar Bond Fund.

(Year-to-date returns as of Oct. 8, 2010)

ALFM Dollar Bond Fund  - 6.68%
ING Philippine Dollar Bond Fund (PDBF) - 17.42%

The ING PDBF is performing impressively!  For a dollar-based fund to give a double digit return is simply amazing.  Regular dollar time deposit rates are only at around 1-3%.  We have been invested in it for 3 years already and so far total return is around 34%.  That's at least a return of 10% a year.  We are very grateful.  

Lastly, please note that the ALFM Dollar Bond Fund is a Mutual Fund and not a UITF.  Read about Mutual Funds and UITFs here.

Happy investing Money Magnets! And keep on attracting money. ^^  Have you been singing our theme song? We certainly have! 

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