Top Gainers and Losers in 2010 (PSE Stocks)

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Hi guys!  If you missed the quarterly Stock Market report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer yesterday, here's a list of stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange that gained and lost the most in 2010.  Data was computed by getting the percentage of the difference of the stocks' closing prices on January 4 and December 30, 2010.

Top Gainers (Philippine Stock Market 2010)

1. UEM Development Phils, Inc (MK)                                    5697.33%
2. San Migure Pure Foods Company, Inc (PF)                        779.12%
3. Oriental Peninsula Resources Group, Inc. (ORE)                 372.50%
4. Fil-Estate Land, Inc. (LND)                                                356.35%
5. Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV)                                    312.22%
6. DMCI Holdings, Inc. (DMC)                                              278.95%
7. Petron Corporation (PCOR)                                                261.92%
8. Aboitiz Power Corporation (AP)                                         261.63%
9. Semirara Mining Corporation (SCC)                                    236.36%
10. Belle Corporation (BEL)                                                    223.94%
11. Holcim Philippines, Inc. (HLCM)                                       222.92%
12. Bogo Medellin Milling Company (BMM)                            221.43%
13. RFM Corporation (RFM)                                                   216.36%
14. Manchester Int'l Hldgs. Unltd. Corp A (MIH)                     216%
15. San Miguel Brewery, Inc (SMB)                                         212.50%
16. JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JGS)                                          211.11%
17. Alliance Global Group, Inc. (AGI)                                       204.88%
18. Leisure and Resorts World Corporation (LR)                      179.41%
19. Philippine National Bank (PNB)                                          167.37%
20. SM Development Corporation (SMDC)                              164.79%

Top Losers (Philippine Stock Market 2010)

1. Century Peak Metals Holdings Corporation (CPM)                -64.55%
2. AgriNurture, Inc. (ANI)                                                         -57.80%
3. Atok-Big Wedge Company, Inc. (AB)                                   -57.10%
4. Marcventures Holdings, Inc. (MARC)                                    -55.68%
5. Asia Amalgamated Holdings Corp. (AAA)                             -52.63%
6. Paxys, Inc. (PAX)                                                                  -50.71%
7. I-Remit, Inc. (I)                                                                      -44.33%
8. Imperial Resources, Inc. A (IMP)                                           -44.00%
9. Federal Resources Investment Group, Inc.(FED)                    -42.86%
10. ATN Holdings, Inc. A (ATN)                                               -41.00%
11. Wellex Industries, Inc. (WIN)                                               -40.83%
12. Island Information and Technology, Inc. (IS)                         -39.35%
13. ISM Communication Corporation (ISM)                               -37.60%
14. South China Resources, Inc. (SOC)                                      -34.51%
15. TKC Steel Corporation (T)                                                   -32.43%
16. Pacifica, Inc. (PA)                                                                 -32.41%
17. Phil. Estate Corporation (PHES)                                            -30.91%
18. Alliance Select Foods Int'l, Inc. (FOOD)                                -29.90%
19. IP Converge Data Center, Inc. (CLOUD)                              -28.57%
20. Information Capital Tech. Ventures, Inc. (ICTV)                    -28.57%

Wow! Imagine just buying and holding on to any of the stocks among the top gainers in the market.  On the average your investment would have tripled by the end of the year!  But imagine buying and holding on also to some of the stocks among the top losers.  Your investment by the end of the year would have reduced by half on the average.  This goes to show how volatile the market is and that even on Bull markets, some stocks will still end up on the losing end.  That is why it's important to choose the right stocks to buy.  

Some observations with regards to the list:
- Some Blue chip stocks are among the Top Gainers
- No Blue chip stocks are among the Top Losers
- Having winning stock codes like AAA, WIN, and CLOUD does not guarantee success (^o^)/
- Stocks tend to rebound.  Just ask PAX and FOOD!  (Prices rebounded at the start of 2011.)   

Happy Investing Money Magnets!

Up next, some insights on the investing strategies of Peter Lynch.  I finally got hold of a copy of "One Up On Wall Street!"    
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  1. freeze said,

    kina-career na jud ni nimo :) robinson land and vista land are recommended in economic forums.

    i heart bel! pamawi sa mga lugi hehe

    on January 31, 2011 at 11:29 PM  

  2. @freeze

    thanks for dropping by. Yup, a lot of fund managers also recommend these stocks. If you look at their charts though, it's clear that for the short term they are on a down trend. Same goes for most Property stocks.

    on February 1, 2011 at 12:22 AM  

  3. elle said,

    im quite interested to invest on stocks, pano po ba first step?

    on May 9, 2011 at 2:03 AM  

  4. Hi elle,

    The first step would be to choose your stock broker. Most people already trade through online brokers these days. I use citiseconline. You can visit their site and apply for an online trading account.

    I also have a BPI Trade account ( but I wouldn't recommend this - higher deductions, slower connection, poor investment research department, less user-friendly)

    I hope this helps.

    on May 9, 2011 at 3:10 PM