Seminar: How to Pick Stocks and Beat the Market

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Course NameHow to Pick Stocks and Beat the Market
Create Wealth by Investing in Stocks
ScheduleAugust 5, 2011 - August 6, 2011

Friday - Saturday
8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Ateneo Rockwell Campus
20 Rockwell Drive, Makati City
Price:Php 10,800


How to Pick Stocks and Beat the Market: Create Wealth by Investing in Stocks teaches concepts of business strategy and performance through an examination of valuation as value-creation. This course surveys and applies the interrelationships between business strategy, execution, performance, and valuation: in other words, plans, actions, cash flow results, and forecasts.

Traditional and advanced performance and valuation techniques are examined in specific relationship to valuation issues, such as: behavioral finance; competitive advantage analysis; business strategy; and execution. This course tackles guiding insights for fundamental valuation through macro theme identification, idea generation, bottoms-up analysis, and asset allocation strategies.

Applications range from corporate finance to investment management to strategic business planning. It focuses on the link between strategy and valuation – converting qualitative understanding of company initiatives into quantitative forecasts and ultimate impact on valuation – and the reverse. For this reason, it covers fundamental and quantitative techniques, which have been dubbed Quantamental™ linking planning to actions to results to forecasts.

  • Embedded expectations: the single most    important concept in fundamental valuation analysis
  • Relative valuation in an absolute value world: Multiples as DCF heuristics
  • Breaking valuation biases: Avoiding strategic decision errors from value-creation measurement errors
  • Themes, macro, allocations, and stock-picking: understanding the mega-trends
  • Why Bruce Lee would have been great at valuation (Yes, that Bruce Lee)
  • When cash is not cash and why: Rethinking the cash flow statement and ROIs
  • Competitive advantage periods, fade, and genuine assets; in practice, and application
  • The DuPont Formula: Not the chemicals but the financial drivers. Never margins without turns.
  • Issues in growth: Organic, M&A, share buyback conundrums
  • From Fama and French to the quants' big three: V, Q, and M: What happened in August 2007?
  • Decomposing the capital markets: Sell-side, buy-side, consultants, and the company focus
  • Corporate governance, shareholders, insiders, and valuation impact: Strategy over structure
  • Cross-capital signaling: Incorporating credit and derivative signals in company valuations
  • Financial Red Flag analysis: Ticking time bombs seen in the financials
Resource Speaker:   Mr. Joel Litman is a member of the Global CFA® Institute (Chartered Financial Analysts) and of the Institute's Retained Speakers Bureau. He is the Managing Director at Equity Analysis & Strategy, Inc., in New York City. Additionally, he is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and holds an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Chicago.

A stock seminar that we are interested to join.  It's quite pricey but the outline seems promising.  Unfortunately the schedule doesn't suit ours.  You can register here.

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