Seminar: Essential Guide in Money Wise Investments for 2013

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Essential Guide in Money Wise Investments for 2013
A Money Forum & Economic Briefing
November 24, 2012 (Saturday)
1:00 – 6:00PM
Vista Center, Upper Ground Floor, Worldwide Corporate Center,
Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City

Featured Speakers:
  Randell Tiongson, RFP, Director of the Registered Financial Advisers
  Benjamin Endriga, MA , Economist, Asian Development Bank
  Marvin Fausto, Chief Investment Officer 

Executive Summary
      The end of 2012 is fast approaching and another year for new plans to thrive for.  Some steadfast planning for most of us is the relevant resolution to fix our money and financial condition. Then again regardless of what’s happening economically, there are a number of indisputable concerns for our family and personal spending that we need to prioritize.  So how do we keep up to the changing times? How can we start with small investments? And what’s a wise investment for next year? Through several learning programs and financial lifestyle change, Filipinos are now increasing their FinQ. As this learning curve toward increasing our ability to personal finance, we are bringing you “Essential Guide in Money Wise Investments for 2013, A Money Forum & Economic Briefing this November 24, 2012, to gear you up in making money intelligent decisions. 
         According to research, some questions being asked for better planning are:

  • What do people think of investing in the Philippines?
  •  How stable is the economy in terms of investments?
  •  How people should start with very little cash on hand?
  •  Do you suggest to have a personal financial adviser to guide you as you make your initial steps in investing?
  •  What are significant yet unnoticed financial drains you think people should avoid?
  •  What are the risk/reward trade-off in financial products and services?
  •  What will it cost me to achieve my financial objectives?
  •  Can you teach me proper even basic asset allocation?
  •  What’s the key to be successful in investing?
  •  Can you help me identify my investment appetite & how to make sound financial decisions?

2013 is another year! Before we gulp down our hard earned salary, incentives, commissions, and or dividends, let’s start by planning 2013 right!
Understanding the Economy
Essentials of Investments & Investment Planning
Best Investments for 2013

Target participants

• Financial Advisors
Marketing and Sales Executives
Finance Officers
Financial product distributors
Would be investors


Our way of teaching are collaborations of theoretical and experienced-based learning approaches, workshops, and practical applications to meet your learning needs. 

Randell Tiongson, RFP
Randell is one of the countrys lauded speaker and coach on personal finance and investments.
As A Financial Advisor & Educator, he is
Director of the Registered Financial Planner Institute Philippines
As A Columnist of
    ·    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    ·    Money Sense Magazine
    ·    Former Columnist for Business Mirror
As A Public Speaker
    ·    In 2011, Randell reached thousands of people in educating and leveraging FinQ through programs like Wealth Summit, All About Money, Usapang Pera, Steps to Financial Peace Conference 2011, Blue Chip, and many more.
    ·    Speaker for Go Negosyo
    ·    Featured speaker for educational institutions, companies and organizations.
As An Influential Public Figure on Finance, he is
    ·    One of 12 Most Influential people in Personal Finance  by Moneysense Magazine
    ·     2011 Outstanding Alumni of the University of Santo Tomas
    ·     20+ years of experience in the Financial Service Industries –  Banking, Mutual Funds & Insurance.

Benjamin Endriga, MA
Full-time Consultant, Asian Development Bank
Masters in Public Policy, Saitama University Japan (International Trade and Macroeconomics)
Former Bank Officer in Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Former Professor at the University of the Philippines, Department of Economics, College of Economics and Management

Marvin Fausto

Marvin V. Fausto is Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of BDO in charge of the Investments unit under the BDO Trust Banking Group.

Prior to this, he held the position as head of the Trust Banking Group of Equitable PCI Bank from 2002 to 2007 primarily responsible for its overall business and operations. He also held the position of Vice President and Investments Head at Citytrust Banking Corporation. He started his career as an analyst at the former Far East Bank & Trust Co.

After having served as President and director, Mr. Fausto is currently a Board Adviser to the Trust Officers Association of the Philippines, the umbrella organization of the Trust Industry. He was also the Founding President and current Director of the Fund Managers Association of the Philippines. He sits as Governor in the Market Governance Board representing investors at the Philippine Fixed Income Exchange.

Seminar Fees

Regular rate     :   Php 2,500/pax 
Early Bird rate :    Php 2,000/pax (until November 15, 2012   only!)
Group Rate      :  Php 1,800/pax (min. of 3pax)

*Inclusive of snacks, certificate, and training kit.

Contact Person:    Jenny Magalong or
                                   Jeany A. Juganas

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